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Epidemiology Center of the ANTHC

Charles Clement currently leads as the president and CEO of the South East Alaska Regional Health Consortium in Juneau. Charles Clement also belongs to local groups like the Alaska NativeBrotherhood a nonprofit organization focused on advocacy for Native Alaska people and issues and a past board member of Alaska Naive Tribal Health Consortium

As a past board member for the Alaska Native Tribal Heal Consortium a part of its mission, ANTHC operates an Epidemiology Center, which serves Alaska Native people by providing health monitoring and reporting services. Since 1969, the Alaska Native Tumor Registry has studied the frequent occurrence of tumors among the people it serves. The Epidemiology Center continues this effort through programs that gather health data, support family health, and conduct CRC screening.

One of 12 Tribal Epidemiology Centers recognized in the nation, the Alaska Native Epidemiology Center operates as part of the ANTHC’s Division of Community Health Services. The center assists other health institutions, such as the National Epidemiology Program, and focuses on its core objectives of assistance, data sharing, surveillance, and disease prevention.