A Look at the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium’s Cancer Program

Healthy Alaska Natives Foundation pic

Healthy Alaska Natives Foundation
Image: inspiringgoodhealth.org

Charles Clement is a graduate of the University of Alaska that enjoys outdoor activities such as fishing, running, biking, and mountain climbing in his free time. A public health executive, Charles Clement currently serves as the president and CEO of the SouthEast Alaska Regional Health Consortium (SEARHC) in Alaska.

Outside of his professional work, Mr. Clement actively supports a number of charitable organizations that include the Halibut Coalition, the Alaska Native Health Board, and the the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium among others. Currently, the consortium provides healthcare services to more than 166,000 Alaska Native and American Indian people.

A nonprofit entity, the consortium offers a wide array of health services, including the organization’s Cancer Program. The program is designed to fight and prevent cancer through a range of training, education, and supports. Supports include children’s camps, men’s retreats, and support circles while educational initiatives range from interactive colon displays to health aide training workshops. On top of this, the program develops multiple cancer publications such as “The Traditional Food Guide for Alaska Native Cancer Survivors” to “Diagnosing and Treating Cancer”.


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